DigitalLead - Denmark's cluster organization for digital technologies

Denmark's cluster organization for digital technologies, DigitalLead, is a gathering point for digital innovation - for companies developing digital solutions as well as for other industries and sectors in need of innovative digital solutions.

DigitallLead constitutes a unique platform for innovation and growth through the interaction between business and industry, research and education, public authorities and private citizens.

How we work

As a cluster organization for digital technologies, we work with a strong focus on digital and technological solutions.

We take our point of departure in world-leading research competences of the Danish knowledge institutions and companies, including AI, IoT, cybersecurity, VR, AR, Big Data, DevOps, Blockchain, RPA etc.

However, the digitization of the future will not be created only by world-leading digital technologies, but also by knowledge on and from the application areas of these technologies as well as a range of methods and strategic tools.

DigitalLead works with these aspects through activities within user involvement (ux, service design), B2B sales, project management, etc.

In addition, Denmark's cluster organization for digital technologies was established with a strong international focus and will be a central building block for strengthening the innovative power of "Digital Denmark" and other industries where succesful digitization will be essential - including with regards to the UN's SDGs and a greener and more sustainable Denmark.

Founding partners

DigitalLead was established through a close partnership between the cluster organizations BrainsBusiness and it-forum in close collaboration with the universities AAU, AU, DTU, ITU, SDU, KU and CBS and the GTS institutes the Alexandra Institute and Force Technology.

DigitalLead is funded by:


The Danish Executive Board for Business Development and Growth


Knowledge partners