Connectivity – components for data collection (IoT), hardware, software and protocols for local communication networks, 5G and Edge Cloud - comprise the core of the rapidly increasing digitalization of our society. A current challenge is the use of many different network technologies, which means that components from different manufacturers cannot always communicate or be integrated in solutions with each other.

In DigitalLead, we have selected Connectivity as the strategic focus for the second call for applications for our innovation projects, as a crucial factor in the succesful digitalization of companies as well as society is the development of strong and reliable infrastructures to handle the increased amount of data that is collected and used, regardless of whether we are talking Industry 4.0, Smart City solutions or the intelligent trans-national energy system of the future.

We will primarily grant funding for projects with a holistic outlook, where all stages of data collection and communication are included in a project that demonstrates how to create well-functioning solutions that support the increasing amounts of data being communicated - both locally (e.g., internally in a company wishing to start using IoT solutions for smart production), regionally/nationally (e.g., collection of consumption data for an intelligent, national power grid or collection, managing and analysing health data at a national level) and internationally (e.g., satellite communication or cloud-based data communication among international branches of a company).

We would appreciate it if one or more of DigitalLead's transverse topics (Business models and processes, Ethics, trust and transparency, Green IT, sustainability and the SDGs and People and technology) are integrated in the application.