Through interviews and dialogue with key actors, DigitalLead and Mobile Heights aim to:

  • Uncover the needs and opportunities to establish a test environment in the form of a private 5G network in the Öresund Region.
  • Identify and map companies that could be part of a 5G-cross-border-network- ecosystem in the Öresund Region.
  • Gather knowledge from institutions that have experience with building 5G networks. The study will provide insight into economics, skills, and operational implementation.
  • Build the bases for a cluster2cluster collaboration across the region.
  • The efforts will target a wide range of actors at different levels and in several industries:
  • Small and medium companies
  • Large companies
  • Research Centers and Universities
  • Cluster organisations

ÖresundTech is funded by Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak European Regional Development Fund and is the result of a cooperation between Mobile Heights and DigitalLead.


To learn more about ÖresundTech, please contact Sidsel Skovborg at sis@digitallead.dk. From October, upon request, you can receive a report with the results of the survey

Get involved

The project is always looking for large and small and medium-sized companies based in Öresund Region which are interested in sharing their information about ther needs and interest in having access to a 5G-test network in the Öresund Region. The companies should be able to allocate time for a 1 hour interview.

For mere information

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