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In a world awash with news stories about hackers, the vulnerability of crypto currencies and online identity theft, Ralph Echemendia - better known across the global tech community as The Ethical Hacker - will be taking an in-depth and objective look at the realities of cyber security. 

Worries about the speed of deployment in FinTech, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and mediated reality, all of which are presented as evolutions that will help society, are a common concern because they also create vulnerabilities such as not being able to protect our privacy and other valuable data.

We are eager for a digital future, but we need to be aware of the risks, especially the ones we don’t know about. 

Echemendia’s keynote will address these crucial topics and much more.

Watch Ralph Echemendia's presentation video below. 

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14. juni 2021
Kl. 09:00 - 10:00


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13. juni 2021 kl. 00:00




13. juni 2021 kl. 00:00


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Ralph Echemendia is a world-renowned cyber security expert, known internationally by his alter ego “The Ethical Hacker.” For over 20 years, Ralph has delivered training on hacking and other security information to corporations including the US Marine Corps, NASA, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, AMEX, Intel, Boeing, Symantec, and IBM.

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Ralph Echemendia

The Ethical Hacker
Ralph Echemendia

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