Startup course: Israeli Survival Toolbox

While startups around the world suffer through these unprecedented times due to Covid, Israeli startups are thriving. The Innovation Centre in Tel Aviv created a highly concise and practical course allowing a deep dive into how Israeli start-ups do it right.

Throughout the two-days course, there will be countless practical case studies and exercises that will help improve the resiliency of your start-up and enable you to go global.

We aim to give startups new tools to be more resilient when crises hit and inspire them to apply Israel’s effective startup methodologies.

Israeli high-tech companies are thriving, even during COVID. In the first quarter 2021, they have raised a record of $5.37 billion in 172 transactions. The amount raised in the first quarter jumped by 89% compared to the fourth quarter in 2020 and doubled compared to the amount raised in the first quarter in 2020.

Day 1: 7 December, 13.30-15.30. Day 2: 8 December, 8.30-15.40

Session #0: Startup Presentation. What is your business model?

Session #1: Building for a Global Enterprise from Day One like an Israeli

Learning outcomes: Calculating your main market metrics, mapping your competitive landscape, creating a competitor's analysis table, creating a market landscape map.

Session #2: Gearing Up with 'Armor' for the startup Journey

Learning outcomes: Building profile for your ideal co-founders, create a structures process to on-board co-founders, Build your network CRM and network goals, Craft introductory materials, Understand and articulate your network activities and updates + advisory board members.

Session #3: Fundraising During Uncertain Times VC and EU funding

Learning outcomes: Israeli pitching techniques, Communicate the crises to your advantage.

Session #4: Velocity as a Perpetual Vaccine to a Crisis

Learning outcomes: Internalize the importance of speed and velocity as core values in building a startup, calculate your main market metrics + Total Addressable Market & Serviceable Available Market, Lean Startup methodology, Master the 'Risky Assumptions'.

Session #5: Readjusting Strategy for Drastic Market Changes

Learning outcomes: Identify breaking points and rapidly develop solutions to crises, Map realistic scenarios to operate in a crisis.

Session #6: Pivot Arsenals for Coping with New Realities

Learning outcomes: Prevent churn and turn things around.

About the course

Innovation Centre Denmark in Tel Aviv builds bridges between research and business. We help develop business models and establish partnerships in Israel, giving access to world-leading knowledge on how to transfer scientific research into commercial and scalable solutions.

The toolbox is empowered by: The Regional Business Hubs, DTU Skylab, CBS Start-up, AAU SEA, ITU Business, #AARSOME, Danish Startup Group, Startup Central, Alfa Laval Innovation House, SDU Cortex, Symbion and Talentgarden.

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7. - 8. december 2021
Kl. 13:30 - 15:40


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