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DigitalLead proudly presents a session on the future of human senses and technology with experts Michael Björn (Ericssson Sweden) and Hasti Seifi (University of Copenhagen) at this year's TECHBBQ.

Don't miss the tech startup event of the year in the Nordics, TECHBBQ, on 16-17 September in Copenhagen. 

At this event, you'll experience two days packed with inspiration and networking. DigitalLead of course takes part in this event - meet us at our stand (joint with the Danish Hub for Security and DIREC) and join our session in the program, taking place in room H15 on 17 September:

Session 1: The Internet of Senses - 11.30-12.15

This session will explore the future of human senses and technology. Imagine being able to share the taste of the cake your remote colleague just baked. Or feel the instant warmth of the sun, even if the weather at your location is below zero. Or directly share thoughts with your friends and loved ones.

The demand for technology to engage our senses is higher post-pandemic than ever before, despite it sounding like sci-fi. Michael Björn and his team at Ericsson are working on solutions that mean it’s not as far away as we might think. 

Presented by DigitalLead

Session 2: Share a hug through your computer – Sci-fi or reality? - 12.30-13.15

In the new and innovative EU research project TOUCHLESS, researchers from the University of Copenhagen will develop a technology that gives us the experience of being hugged and caressed while communicating remotely. At Ericsson they are working on the Internet of Senses that will enable us to feel, taste, smell and communicate through thought. 

This session will be a discussion on the future of human senses and technology between Hasti Seifi, Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen, and Michael Björn from Ericsson’s ConsumerLab. 

Presented by DigitalLead.

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16. - 17. september 2021
Kl. 08:00 - 23:00


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Øksnehallen Halmtorvet 11 DK-1700 Copenhagen
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17. september 2021 kl. 23:00


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Speaker bios

DigitalLead are proud to present Michael Björn, who is Head of Research at Ericsson and working on their project Internet of Senses, and Hasti Seifi, who is Assistant professor, tenure track at Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen and an expert in haptic technologies. She is currently working on the EU Project TOUCHLESS.

LinkedIn logo Hasti Seifi

Hasti Seifi

Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen
LinkedIn logo Michael Björn

Michael Björn

Head of Research, Ericsson
Ericsson Sverige

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