Webinar: Brew your own - Artificial Intelligence, Real Start-ups

Artificial Intelligence will change all business verticals… Or so they say. Meet start-ups with AI at heart, hear what is possible today, and what to expect tomorrow, learn how to add AI to YOUR start-up in a meaningful way.


This WEBINAR presents an overview of the current state-of-art for AI and where it is essential to various businesses. AI-researchers and founders will try to provide a look into the near future, with an evaluation of how AI can change fundamental conditions for various industry verticals. We will also provide opportunities for on-line networking. 

Confirmed speakers

  • Christina Lioma, professor, University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Computer Science. “An overview of common mistakes when applying AI in business and industry, leading to loss of profit and loss of credibility in the technology. Lioma explains why a bit of theory can go a long way when applying machine learning in the real world.”
  • Jens Nedergaard, Senior Relations manager, DigitalLead: “How we can help you find inspiration and co-creators for your impact project within digital technologies and build the bridges you need to business, academia or public institutions”. DigitalLead is the new Danish Cluster Organisation for digital technologies.
  • Niels Kvorning Ternov, CEO, MelaTech. “Merging doctor and machine for a new era in visual diagnostics”. MelaTech is developing machine learning augmented training in diagnosing skin cancer. They aim to reduce doctors’ specialist education from six years to two months and to create trustworthy, individualized and transparent decisional support for doctors.
  • Jonas Moll, PhD, CEO & Founder, Vitalbeats . “The challenges of scaling a tech startup in Denmark.” Vital Beats is driving the future of Digital Health with their AI-driven software platform for remote treatment of heart patients.

Who should attend?

Brew Your Own-events is an event format designed to inform, inspire and provide networking opportunities to start-up staff and founders and to researchers and students with an interest in innovation intensive start-ups.

Del på LinkedIn
5. november 2020
Kl. 15:00 - 17:30


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    Jens Nedergaard

    Senior Relationship Manager, DigitalLead